Project Description

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This video explains the SPECIAL PROGRAMS, advanced functions of DiaCaRe 7000 that we suggest you to test during a treatment: SCANNING, VEHICULATION and PULSED PROGRAMS.

SCANNING is a 3-phase program composed of 3 different frequencies in resistive mode: it enables a treatment that starts from the surface involving deeper and deeper resistive tissues. Like all preset programs, it can be modified according to one’s needs, for example by using the capacitive mode instead of the resistive if soft tissues are the target.

VEHICULATION allows to transfer the active principles through the skin, thanks to thermophoresis. Vehiculation can take place in capacitive mode, if soft tissues are the target, or in resistive mode if we want to vehiculate the active principle on tissues with higher impedance, like tendons, ligaments or articulations.

PULSED PROGRAMS are specifically conceived for chronic situations, like resistant trigger points that have been there for a long time.

We can use 3 different programs, depending on the intensity we want to apply to the area: Pulsed 90, Pulsed 70 and Puled 50.

The number indicates the ON time in percentage for every second of emission: so pulsed 90 indicates that for every second of emission we’ll have 90% of emission followed by a 10% of pause; with Pulsed 70 we’ll have 70% of emission and 30% of pause; with Pulsed 50 we’ll have 50% of emission and 50% of pause.