Project Description

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In this video we’ll see how to treat a chronic low back pain by treating the paravertebral, erector spinae and quadratus lumborum muscles, often involved in this type of dysfunction, by using Tecar DiaCaRe and the Globus Fascia Tools. The purpose of the first part of the treatment in capacitive mode is to vascularize surface tissues and increase their oxygenation and temperature.
In the second part of the treatment we use the Globus Fascia Tools with the special “Fascial” program in resistive mode. After scanning the lumbar spine and, if necessary, the nearby areas and detecting dense or low-mobility areas, we move on to the specific treatment of these areas: the manual movement consists of a push phase and a return one, keeping the tool always in contact with the skin.
A specific tool for the treatment of the back is DiaSpine, with which we can scan and treat paravertebral muscles in a highly effective and ergonomic manner.
Moreover, the double connection leaves great freedom in the choice of the most suitable manual technique. For example, it enables the mobilization of every single vertebral level.
This video gives an example of therapeutic treatment without analyzing the essential aspects of clinical evaluation.