Project Description

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In this video, we’ll see how to treat chronic cervical pain with the DiaCaRe technology and the Globus Fascia Tools, by treating the upper trapezius, the levator scapulae, the spinalis, semispinalis and splenius muscles, often involved in this dysfunction.
The purpose of the starting phase in capacitive mode is to vascularize surface tissues and increase their oxygenation and temperature.
In the second part of the treatment, we use the Globus Fascia Tools with the special “Fascial” program in resistive mode: in particular, we’ll use the tool DiaBlade Small for a first scanning, to detect stiff areas, densifications and movement restrictions.
If active and resistant trigger points are detected, we can use Dia Trigger Point, an extremely effective and ergonomic tool used to focus on a trigger point with a perfect angle.
This video gives an example of therapeutic treatment without analyzing the essential aspects of clinical evaluation.